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Interior Design Trends in Pakistan – Ideas to Upscale Room with Rugs

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Interior design trends are evolving day by day according to the user’s requirements and comfort level. Interior design as the name suggests is all about Space Experience.

A crucial part of our daily life like how we live, work, rest, play or even the way we restore our health is all interior design. If a space design defines its purpose through its design then the interior design has his work perfectly.

Interior Design Trends and Rugs:

Different elements are combined together to define any interior design trends. These days the interior design trends are moving more towards minimalism where less is more. In the current scenario, it is important for the designers to come with ideas that are aesthetically more pleasing and also budget-friendly.

Rugs are one of the most important elements in any interior design trend. You can easily upscale your room with rugs and it will not disturb your budget at all. One rug will add so much aesthetics to your room than any other thing.
You can define a space with the placement of the rug, for example, dining areas, main entrance hall, seating area, etc. A good rug placed well with the color palette of the room will give a harmonious feeling. The rug can also be a focal point or point towards the focal point of a certain room. The room looks fuller and stylish with rugs. You can even hang a rug on a wall to give a feel of the art piece. Here are some ideas on how to use rugs and their importance.

Tricks for Rugs Use:

To Upscale Room With Rugs, is the best and easiest option. These are just options, one can mix-match all of these according to one’s taste or requirement. As there is no standard rule in interior design.
In my opinion, having a piece of good knowledge about using rugs is more important. If you know which type of rug should be placed where then you can go to any shop whether it is high end or low end, depending on your budget.

1. Plush Rugs:

Use plush rugs in your dining areas or living rooms that will add a glamorous feel. Plus it will add the expensive look without disturbing your budget.

2. Hide Rugs:

Hide rugs are more commonly used in the living rooms or drawing-rooms of the house. It adds glamour to the room. Plus these come in a vast variety of colors and patterns. One can easily decorate the living room by simply placing it near the coffee table or on the statement chair. It can be matched or contrasted with any color palette.

3. Vintage Rugs:

A good choice of rug for formal areas of the house like drawing-room is vintage rugs. The vintage rugs add liveliness to a room. They give a perfect antique and unique look to your room.

4. Rag Rugs:

Rag rugs are a good choice for kitchens as they can be washed easily at home. This will add a soft impression to your kitchen. For a smaller kitchen, one can use stripped or multi-colored rag rugs and create a feeling of an illusion of bigger space.

5. Fringed Flat-Weave Rugs:

The fringed flat-weave rug is the best choice for the bedrooms. This will add color and pattern. Even if your bedroom is overall dull, a nice fringed flat-weave rug placed in front of the bed can uplift the whole room.

6. Natural Fiber Rugs:

For bathrooms, the natural fiber rugs should be preferred on any other type. They give a calming and relaxing impression to the bathroom. These rugs can easily blend well with any color scheme because they are usually neutral in color. They are relatively inexpensive. Plus point is they hold up well to the humid conditions.

7. Flat-Weave Rugs:

If you want to give a fresh new look to your room without spending money just buy a low priced flat weave rug and arrange it on a seating. It will give a classic look to your room. Plus point is these are the most durable and lighter than any other rug. So, you don’t have to change it soon.

8. Handwoven Vintage Rugs:

The rugs with defined borders and patterns are best for hanging on the flat walls. A good handwoven vintage rug can do the trick.



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