Interior design trends

Interior Design Trends in Pakistan – Ideas to Upscale Room with Rugs

Interior design trends are evolving day by day according to the user’s requirements and comfort level. Different elements are combined together to define any interior design trends. These days the interior design trends are moving more towards minimalism where less is more. In the current scenario, it is important for the designers to come with ideas that are aesthetically more pleasing and also budget-friendly. Rugs are one of the most important elements in any interior design trend. You can easily upscale your room with rugs and it will not disturb your budget at all.

Residential Architecture Design of 2020 in Pakistan

Top 10 Residential Architecture Design Trends For 2020 in Pakistan

Residential Architecture Design is evolving every day since its birth. Change is unavoidable. Everything around us is going through a change continuously. As we are progressing towards the beginning of a new decade, there are certain things in residential architecture design that will change too. The design trends are shifting towards minimal detailing, multi-purpose spaces, neutral color palette, and natural lighting.