Emergence of China

Emergence of China as a post-pandemic super power

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China, a country which over the past two decades has shown tremendous growth in the fields of economic, social, and political policies. The country’s growth rate is significantly increasing and outward looking with more and more to achieve ahead. The international development and efforts to control covid19 has resulted in the Emergence of China as the post-pandemic super power of the world.

As soon as the deadly pandemic COVID-19 hit the world, concerns over economy, health sector, defense system, and daily life gradually increased. With these discussions being held all over the world, China too went through a series of struggling aspects. Since, speculations are already being made on what will the post-pandemic world look like, the stats say China as the next super-power ruling the world.

Let us have a look to China’s future post pandemic.

Emergence of China as a Super Power:

China has faced internal pressure over its handling of the early stages of pandemic. There were numerous concerns over safety, implementation of lock down, travel bans and their impact on trade and economy sector.

An internal debate is going on whether China should engage with the West to try and compete, develop powerful strategies, and establish a power center almost in opposition to the West.

China has taken a step further in recent years and established a number of new global institutions such as the ‘New Developmental Bank’ in 2014 and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in 2016 which were proved favorable to China.

The world has proposed a strategic approach to engage with China. It encompasses the three C’s: compete, cooperate, and confront. Compete with other super-power countries in the field of tech and innovation. Cooperate on local and international level over challenges. Confront, where China acts contrary to the interests and values of international community.

Apart from developmental factors, China has successfully emerged from the pandemic when the whole world is struggling to combat the deadly virus. From opened Disney parks to witnessing families in Shanghai browsing Christmas shopping items, China has life going on while the world is closed in cage of social distancing.

China also stood out in strategizing against the pandemic. When the coronavirus emerged, China acted quickly as it put a barrier for visitors on its borders and forcefully barricade its citizens at home in quarantine.

China has grand plans for its future to get the center age of the world. It includes tech-plans of Made in China 2025 to upgrade to high tech manufacturing, and China standards 2035 to become a dominant authority taking control over future technologies.

While the west was hesitant towards steps of policy making, China has shown a remarkable performance under a powerful leadership which is the main reason behind its emergence of a super power from being one of the world’s most trusted technology manufacturers.