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The Thirteen Success Principles from 1937

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The book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was composed by Napoleon Hill after more than 20 years of research on the achievements and qualities of 500 of the best individuals in business, the author lays out thirteen success principles for achieving whatever is it that you desire.

Between 1937 until Napoleon Hill’s passing in 1970, the book sold more than 20 million copies and keeps on being a smash hit even today.

“What A Mind Can Conceive, It Can Achieve”

Hill starts his book with the principle that “thoughts are things”, also, when joined with purpose, determination, and desire, can convert into wealth or other material successes. You become what you think throughout the day.

Burning Desire & Faith

The first and most significant principle towards wealth is Desire. Hill stresses that it isn’t only a desire or an expectation. It must be a “burning desire”, with the end goal that it is an obsession, upheld by persistence.

The subconscious mind doesn’t separate between positive or negative thought driving forces and will decipher them equally into physical equivalents. Hence, in the event that you hold negative beliefs, (for example, “misfortune”), you can likewise make your own hardship.

We are not ready to get something until we accept that we can get it. Faith can be created, and the best way to do so is to repeatedly affirm and picture the accomplishment of our desire.

Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge in itself is just a potential force and doesn’t create results or as the author puts it ‘Riches’. It possibly becomes power if and when it is “organized into positive strategies, and coordinated to a definite end.”

You require specific knowledge of specialty that you plan to serve, so you can offer something of value in exchange for ‘riches’. Instead of working with what you know, Hill recommends that you distinguish the particular information you need, and afterward try to obtain it.


Imagination is needed to join specialized knowledge with thoughts, to offer structure to want, and make the essential action to bring ‘riches’.

There are two types of Imagination – synthetic imagination (organizing ideas, thoughts, or plans into new structures) and creative imagination (identical to “intuition” and instinct that come through association with Infinite Intelligence).

The imagination, (both creative and synthetic) are like muscles – they become stronger with use and weaker with inaction.

The Master Mind Alliance

Masterminding is the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a feeling of harmony, between at least two individuals, for the achievement of a definite purpose.”

Hill recommends that for incredible riches and achievement, Masterminding is critical. We can gain knowledge from different sources, including infinite intelligence, experienced individuals, experiment, and research. However, to change that information into power, you need to come up with a plan and then take massive action, which is difficult to accomplish by yourself.

Learn to create plans with the experience of others, learn to let the experienced individuals make decisions for you, to do this:

  • Form a Master Mind Alliance: connect with a number of individuals for the creation and execution of your plan.
  • Decide what to offer to the Mastermind members for their cooperation
  • Meet with Master Mind individuals, in any event, two times per week, until you have together culminated the plan(s).
  • Maintain complete harmony with the Master Mind individuals.

You can create plans, but the details shall be checked by individuals from the Master Mind Alliance for feedback and approval, prior to execution.

Why You Should Read This Book

The book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is loaded up with outlines and examples of how the world’s most prominent individuals achieved the seemingly impossible through the 13 principles. Napoleon Hill strengthens his key messages and thoughts in different manners all through the book and shows over and over again how each progression or rule is connected with the rest. Re-reading the materials and models after you have applied the ideas will probably bring another depth of understanding.

Having said that, Hill focuses on schedule and again that the 13 principles must be comprehended and applied in sum in order to actualize results.

The Writer’s Message:

The sole purpose of writing these articles is to promote the powerful habit of reading. These articles are written with the lens of a best-seller book on subjects that have and continue to intrigue me. If someone gets even one percent curious after reading my work and starts reading that very book just because of that curiosity, then my job here is done.



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