5 Reasons to Settle in Baku Azerbaijan

5 Reasons to Settle in Baku Azerbaijan: A Modern City to Live for Pakistanis

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Modern day cities with rich cultural values is what people yearn for while moving to another place. The modernization and development have taken place all over the world and by this advancement we have got some great cities in limelight and Baku is one of them.

Baku, Azerbaijan is one of the modern and rapidly developing cities which attract people to settle here for a dynamic and progressive lifestyle. With Pakistan, Azerbaijan shares a mutually beneficial and cordial relationship making Baku, the favorite spot of Pakistani tourists. Not only the tourism has taken a boost but Pakistanis have considered Baku their dream place to settle as well, and we will tell you, why.

Similarities between Pakistan and Azerbaijan:

Both countries have striking similarities when it comes to cultural and religious outlooks. Pakistan and Azerbaijan also share a same geopolitical mindset as the countries refrain from indulging into regional conflicts particularly in wider east and Syria.

1. Low cost of living:

What makes Baku the center of attention is the fact that it offers cost of living 10 percent least expensive of all the major cities. Daily living expenses are lower than usual which means your standard cost of living will decrease if moving to Baku.

2. Safety:

In a modern living lifestyle, safety is one of the major concerns and Baku has achieved this as well. It stands on 63rd rank on the list of the safest teleport cities in the world making it a safer place to live and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Blend of Culture:

You will see a beautiful blend of eastern and western culture in some areas of Baku which is actually a treat to explore for the residents and tourists. The Old city, palaces, sandstone castle adds to the historic heritage while the modern downtown is the center of attraction with seafront area, cafes, and cinemas.

4. Healthcare system:

A thorough and comprehensive public healthcare system is being followed in the vicinity. For expats living in Baku, officials recommend a private insurance. Health care system of Baku is ranked the highest in the entire country which is indeed a plus point for its residents.

5. Modern transportation:

The city includes a wide transportation network as well including various options from a bus, trams, trolley-bus, and underground metro. Relatively clean, spacious, efficient and safe public transport is the highlight of Baku.


The city serves as a complete package with cheap and standard living lifestyle. It offers everything to expats from in house entertainment to basic quality facilities all at minimum cost. Living here is more like living with dose of cultural and religious values blended together serving the traditions right. Baku is ready to give a warm-hearted welcome Pakistanis, just a visa process to follow and a better life awaits you right here.




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