Intelligence of The Subconscious Mind

Infinite Intelligence of The Subconscious Mind

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Picture an iceberg sitting on water, what is it that you see? You see a small portion that is visible and a large portion that is not visible. In spite of the fact that you can see portions of it over the outside of the water, most of it is covered up below water. This picture can be applied to your conscious and subconscious mind too.

The part of our minds that we know about, the conscious mind, is what is seen over the water. The other part, our subconscious mind , which is similarly as huge, waits beneath the surface. How can we tap into an apparently out of reach portion of our mind? Let’s see.

Conscious to Unconscious

Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? While learning, this task required serious attention and focus from your conscious mind. But when you turned out to be increasingly capable and comfortable, your subconscious mind started to get a grip on the idea, and soon enough riding a bicycle turned into a programmed task. Figuring out how to ride a bicycle is an extraordinary case of conscious to subconscious learning, which is a fantastic tool your mind has.

Superpowers of Mind

If you imagine something that you truly desire, that very desire becomes a reality. For example, in The Power of Subconscious Mind, a 60’s million-seller book by Joseph Murphy, the author illustrates an event. When one of Murphy’s relatives developed tuberculosis, the man’s son was determined to improve his father’s health. He brought his father a piece of wood he had lifted up off the sidewalk and told him that it was a cross he had purchased from a monk who had recently visited a healing shrine in Europe. He told his father that even touching the cross had healed numerous individuals previously. His father held the cross firmly and supplicated with it before going to sleep. After waking up the next morning, he had been totally healed.

Visualization & The Law of Attraction

The procedure of visualization is a useful asset, and can even help you pull in money. To do this, you just need to picture your ultimate objective, and afterward allow your mind to do the rest. It is the key to helping you accomplish anything, regardless of what you request. So, in the event that you need to get wealthy, you could try printing out your bank statement, whiting out your current balance, and then writing the sum you truly desire. Using visual aids will help you in accepting that you’ll have the option to accomplish what you need, and through doing this, the universe will make it feasible for you to do as such. It will divert your thinking to the correct frequency. Simply following this technique will help you as the mind thinks in images.

Overcoming Your Fears

Is it accurate to say that you were frightened of monsters under your bed as a child? If so, you likely remember how relieving it was when your mother or father turned on the lights and revealed that everything was safe and nothing was under your bed.

In truth, fears, even in adulthood, are developed on false and bogus thoughts.

A research took place at the University of Pennsylvania, the members belonging to the Department of Psychology studied 29 patients, normally with anxiety disorders to see how many of their fears actually come true.

The results showed that 91.4 percent of anticipated fears and worries didn’t come true. Truth be told, the most common amount of false worries per individual was 100 percent. Believe it or not, not a single concern came true as expected in the month-long study for most of the participants.


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