three-year performance of PTI

First three years performance of PTI in government: PML-N leaders named it failure

NEWS of Pakistan

LAHORE (The News International): PML-N local leaders have rejected the three years performance of the present government and said that the government has not even set up any mechanism for registration of medicines in three years.

PML-N Lahore President Pervez Malik, General Secretary Kh Imran Nazir and Additional Secretary Information Amir Khan while talking to media said the Prime Minister must point out that so far the prices of medicines have gone up by 600 per cent in his three-year tenure.

The recent 13th increase in the prices of medicines was tantamount to burying the people alive; they said adding that pharmaceutical companies have also been given exemption to increase the prices every 15 days.

In three years, electricity prices have increased seven times, gas prices by 144 per cent and oil prices by Rs 36 per liter, they said and maintained that all the previous records of inflation in the country have been broken. The sharp rise in food prices in the country has created more problems for the people. The country is already suffering from financial, economic and political instability due to the incompetence of rulers, they concluded.