Maheen Khan

Maheen Khan reveals how she ended up dressing Kate Middleton for her Pakistan visit


All eyes were on Kate Middleton as she arrived in Pakistan with Prince William for their first official trip to Pakistan, and what the Duchess of Cambridge would be wearing during her five-day visit.

So far, Middleton has rocked three looks: a royal blue shalwar kameez by Pakistani designer, Maheen Khan and two tunics by Catherine Walker, one which she paired with pants by Khan. Middleton also wore accessories by local brands like Zeen and Satrangi.

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Speaking to Images, Maheen Khan spilled the beans on how the collaboration happened.

“I stock my clothes at O’nitaa in London and that’s where the Duchess’ style team first spotted them. They are a very savvy team of young stylists and they picked up some clothes to show them to the Duchess and then, reached out to me,” she explained.

“They chose a selection. One, they chose off the rack while they also asked me to create some bespoke designs. I signed a nondisclosure agreement which meant that I could only talk about it when they allowed me to. I feel that the Duchess has a very classy, elegant personal style and I created my designs along those lines.”

She added that the one thing she felt was necessary to her look was the inclusion of the dupatta: “The dupatta is a lovely accessory to the dress and it is completely Pakistani. And there are orders coming in for the design already!”

From what we’ve heard, the Duchess will reportedly be donning some more creations by Pakistani designers such as HSY, Kamiar Rokni and Khadija Shah during her tour; watch this space for more updates.

Source: Dawn Images