Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech should have limitations in every democratic state

This column is to make the reader understand that there’s freedom of speech is not absolute. It cannot be used to offend others. Freedom of speech is fundamental human rights which are given to every nation in a democratic state. There is an ethical restriction on free speech. Sadly, in the contemporary time west has double standards of free speech and crossed the limits of it. As in result, the Muslim community is aggrieved. We need to understand that absolute freedom of speech is menacing.


The alliance of China-Pakistan-Turkey to fight pandemic together: Daily Sabah Reported

COVID-19 is the current threat to the world and 200+ nations has been exposed to this pandemic infecting more than 7 million populations with an about half million moralities around the world requiring joint operations to combat this pandemic and the alliance of China-Pakistan-Turkey could be very responsive in  dealing the covid19 in the Asia.