IT industry of Pakistan

Strengthening the IT industry of Pakistan : 16 international companies now will assemble mobile phone sets in Pakistan


The PTI-led federal government of Pakistan took another step to strengthen the IT industry of Pakistan as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued licenses to the 16 foreign companies and allowed assembling of mobile phone sets in Pakistan.
It is a major decision taken by the federal government as, the first time in the history of Pakistan, PTA allowed the multinational mobile assembling companies to operate in Pakistan.

After the assembling of the mobile phone sets, the customers will experience a notable shrink in the prices of mobile phones and IT industry of Pakistan will revolutionize the economic developments.

On the other hand, the economy of Pakistan will also get the benefits from the decision of the government as the imports of the expensive mobile phones will be decreased.

People will no longer be required to import mobile phones from outside the country as they can buy a mobile phone at the low cost from inside the country with any import tax and duty.
Source: Research Snipers .
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