What Do You Think About Struggle of Imran Khan, Chairman of PTI: Fourth Wife or Political Leadership?


One, two or third wife of Imran Khan and wait for the fourth one soon.

A man with three wives or a man with one wife marrying the fourth next year or year after that, Are you sure this is the final match or still semi final of 20/20 is going on, 50/50 overs we didn’t see yet after World Cup, or will it be a world record in the political history of Pakistan

So, you have been noticing of whom we are talking about, one and only – Imran Khan a legendary player of cricket, politics and now the best of four he will make in the ground, we can hope for sixes but, Allah didn’t permit for that.

Will this marriage works??

First a really classy looking woman, a man ever expected, he chose from a Jewish family, then a really modern but Pakistani woman who was already married, he chose and now again a Pakistani, who has been a modern peer having male clients. All of them were having a unique and interesting ability but except Jamaica khan but all were players of their field well Imran Khan is also an old player, he is not going with the new diplomacy of the same game. We can just hope that this contract will survive and won’t get finished in an year, otherwise it’s like making this beautiful marriage a joke. As being so much experienced one should know with whom he can live as a loyal partner, a slight difference is always there among partners, but then the word compromise comes, to make it happen whatever they started as a blessing.

As for the view of public, there are three groups we are noticing, First one is standing in his support no matter what seeing him as a great cricketer and waiting him to become a legendary prime minister, Second taking advantage of him via all means having double policies for his party and politics, Third who are totally against him exploiting many things via this marriage, the last one and God knows how many more matches are coming to watch with all spice.

Maybe Khan remains a pure Khan, by making a balance of politics and home policies. Well at the end we will say a newly wed couple, congratulations….

Written By: Noor Zahra Rizvi

Noor Zahra Rizvi, is a young Pakistani entrepreneur and CEO of NZDesigns and director-IR of CODE International Accelerator (Georgia) and Pakistan representative of KarafarinShow. This text is her personal contribution as a message for Pakistani youth to understand what’s happening in the country.