Entrepreneur's Show by CODE International

Entrepreneur’s Show-Pakistan 2018 – An International Techno-entrepreneurs Networking Event in COMSATS University, Islamabad


Entrepreneur’s Show or KarafarinShow (in local languages) being organized by CODE International is a pitching show of developing entrepreneurs innovative ideas who are looking into the Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis market (ECO and GCC Countries) for their entrepreneurship activities.

First Entrepreneur’s Show 2017 was organized on 7-8 December 2017 at Mashhad, Iran, which witnessed the 3000+ participants from 18 regional countries located at Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis composed of ECO and GCC countries. After the event premises, Pakistan-Iran-Turkish entrepreneurship nexus was proposed by the Pakistani, Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs to strengthen the techno-entrepreneurship relationship among the three nation to reach a common goal of sustainable economy.


CODE International: Pakistan-Iran-Turkish Entrepreneurship Nexus


CODE International, is the network of Companies Of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) in the TIP-axis (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan axis) as an entrepreneurship nexus between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to promote the techno-entrepreneurship in TIP-axis. CODE international is currently being composed of CODE-ENC Pvt Ltd (Pakistan), MIDO Pvt Ltd (Iran), CODE LLC (Georgia) and welcomes all kind of technology-based corporations as partner. CODE International organizes Entrepreneur’s Show in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey every year where developing entrepreneurs submit their ideas via Idea submission panel of entrepreneur’s show and on the based on international perspective and innovation get a chance to pitch their ideas in one of the Entrepreneur’s Show. Currently, CODE international is the network of 7000+ subscribers and 1000+ techno-entrepreneurs with more than 600 registered innovative ideas on its website. It could be called as the fastest growing network of the developing entrepreneurs in TIP-axis.


Entrepreneur’s Show:  A Series of Techno-entrepreneurs Networking Event


The idea of Entrepreneur’s Show and CODE International was conceived in 2015 by a Pakistani award winning entrepreneur, Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood, Ph.D. CEO @ iMaQPress to solve the major conceptual hurdles of expending entrepreneurship activities in the regional countries. A comprehensive market analysis was done and the models of Nordic countries such as SLUSH, Helsinki Challenge, Karolinska Science Park, Lund University Town were studied closely and it was discussed with famous techno-entrepreneurship ventures in several meetings during the 2015-2016. A model of entrepreneur’s show or KarafarinShow was finalized in December 2016 in many joint forums of Pakistani-Iranian entrepreneurs and with the support of ScienceTech+, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Khorasan Science and Technology Park first Entrepreneur’s Show was inaugurated at Mashhad, Iran in 2017.

Entrepreneur’s Show 2017: Starting Point of Entrepreneurship Development Among ECO Countries

Entrepreneur’s Show 2017

Entrepreneur’s show unlike other startups or entrepreneurship events around you is the focusing team building and networking event in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey countries. Entrepreneur’s Show 2017 at Mashhad, Iran on 7-8 December 2017 was the start of this movement and 460 ideas were submitted for pitching and three finalists were as below;

  1. Mechanical and supportive system (Mr. Mohammad Ali Izadpanah)
  2. Herbal soft drink without chemical preservatives (Ms. Sara Khosroshahi)
  3. Cultural Awareness (Mr Mohammad Mahdi Bajestani).

This event was witnessed by the participation of 3000+ persons during the event premises and first part of this event was KarafarinShow-Kids on 5-6 December, 2017 with two finalists as follow;

  1. PowerKids (Mr. Iman Hamedani)
  2. DigiKids (Mr. Arian Hashemi)

This event was covered in all national media of Iran announcing it as the first and biggest entrepreneurship event in eastern Iran and one of the top 10 international events in Iranian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The awarding ceremony was accompanied by the City Mayor of Mashhad, Dr. Taghi Khamsizadeh, Pakistani Head of Mission, Mr. Irfan Bokhari and Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Kanwal and several other senior dignities of the city Mashhad.


Entrepreneur’s Show 2018

2018 is the year of expansion of CODE international and entrepreneur’s show in TIP (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan) countries and for this purpose, the mission of team building and networking continues expansion towards other academic institutes in TIP countries and three events were planned for the CODE International in 2018 as follows;

  1. Entrepreneur’s Show-Iran 2018 (23 April, 2018 at Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad, Iran)
  2. Entrepreneur’s Show-Pakistan 2018 (10th October, 2018 at COMSATS University, Islamabad, Pakistan)
  3. Entrepreneur’s Show-Turkey 2018 (8 December, 2018 at Seljuk University, Konya, Turkey)


Entrepreneur’s Show-Iran 2018

Entrepreneur’s Show – Iran 2018 was held at Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad on 23rd April 2018. This event was organized by CODE International in collaboration with Sadjad University of Technology at the Holy City of Mashhad, Iran.

The event witnessed the participation of 200+ students and techno-entrepreneurs with 28 evaluators and speakers and 24 ideas were pitched on the stage. 3 of them succeeded to the final round and Good Food lead the event pitched by Ms. Nika Jafferi (a 17 year old school girl) along with the co-founder of Good Food, Mr. Sargolzaei (also a high school student).


Entrepreneur’s Show-Pakistan 2018

Entrepreneur’s Show – Pakistan 2018 will be held at COMSATS University Islamabad on 8th Oct, 2018. CODE International in collaboration with COMSATS University Islamabad is organizing this event at the second most beautiful capital of the world, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Entrepreneur’s Show-Turkey 2018

Entrepreneur’s Show – Turkey 2018 will be held at Seljuk University Konya on 8th Dec, 2018. CODE International in collaboration with Seljuk University Konya is organizing this event at the capital of Sultanate of Rûm ruled by sultan Ala al-Din, Konya, Turkey.


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