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Pakistaninfo is the leading online Pakistani platform in regional languages having one million visits per year

Editorial Blog

Today is a marvelous day for PakistanInfo and congratulation to the whole team for their contributed efforts as today we have reached our first target of one million visits per year on for 2019-2020. was launched as the international online platform to presenting Pakistan’s good image around the world in 6 regional languages.

Regular efforts, producing contents, social media activities, organizing Pakistan Exhibitions in regional countries and printing bruchers on Pakistan for the purpose of advertisement efforts, today we reached our first milestone of one million visits per year on PakistanInfo. with 6000+ alexa traffic ranking in Pakistan has became the leading online platform of Pakistan in regional languages.

The patriotic Pakistanis and Pakistan lovers, we need your support to reach our 2nd milestone of 1 million per month and then 1 million visits per week and finally 1 million per day…..

The journal of Positive Pakistan is on way and looking for your supports…

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