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Tips to Prospective Pakistani Media Students : My First-Hand Experience

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University life is challenging and demanding. Students especially Pakistani Media Students face many problems that they need to prepare for prior. Thus, as a graduate student of Mass Communication of Riphah International University, I decided to share my first-hand experience to help our junior and prospective scholars prepare, not only academically but mentally and socially as well.

All the following pearls of wisdom are based solely on my own observations and experience. The reader can either take my advice into their account and benefit from or ignore it; it’s totally up to our respected audience. However, if you successfully evaded those mistakes that I have done during my graduation, I can assure you a promising professional career after your graduation and productive university life.

As a student with a poor schooling background, I was terrified while deciding to enroll in a university and to embark on my higher education – Alhamdulillah, I have finished my graduation with 90% marks. I was having no clue what to do and what not to do. What to choose and what not to choose. I still do not have any clue why I chose Mass Communication (Media) in the first place.

However, the only thing I can think about is the proximity of Riphah International University to my home. That was the first mistake I have done. It was only after the orientation that I realized that most of the students enrolled in the program are on the same boat as I am. So, the first thing you need to do is to choose your program wisely.

Take your time and seek your elders’ advice.

At this stage of life, students are not mature enough and are expected to make a mistake. Therefore, to avoid the mayhem in your later academic and professional life, choose your program with utmost caution and seek your seniors’ advice.

Once you get yourself enrolled in the program, especially media, you will have to work on your research papers publications and content production. You will have to publish at least two to four original well-researched papers in an HEC recognized or international reputed journals during your graduation.

This is not mandatory or a prerequisite of degree but this will give you an extra edge over your peers and competitors. Secondly, this will help you during your final year thesis project. On the production side, you will need to produce at least two documentaries or short films or the combination of the two. This will boost your profile manifold and I guarantee you that you will be a step ahead of others.

Internships provide fresher’s know-how of professional settings and teach them a professional way of business. So, internships are as important as your degree itself for a successful career.

An internship of at least 40 days in a media organization is mandatory as per the university degree requirements. However, to stand out from the crowd, I will recommend you to complete at least one year of practical work experience (internships), either it could be in one organization or several. The internships also provide fresher’s a chance to network in the industry.

Extracurricular activities, such as attending seminars, volunteering in events related to your profession will decorate your CV and will have a positive impact on your employer in the future. All the above-said tips will not only propel your academic and professional career but will help you in clinching fully funded scholarships if you are interested in furthering your education abroad.