Donating Masks to the US

Pompeo Thanked Pakistan for Donating Masks to the US

Coronavirus in Pakistan - Updated 19/03/2020, International

NewsDesk: Often we hear about American donations to Pakistan but this time Pakistan donated 100,000 protective surgical masks and 25,000 coveralls to the US, one of the worst-hit countries by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a tweet, the US secretary of state department thanked Pakistan for donating masks and coveralls to the US. “Appreciate Pakistan’s goodwill donation of surgical masks and protective suits to FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States of America]” he continued, adding that, “This delivery is a symbol of U.S.-Pakistan solidarity in the fight against COVID-19”.

Donating Masks to the US

He Shares pictures of Pakistan’s Air force C-130 and the officials can be seen in the photos.

Though Pakistan is suffering from COVID-19 itself, however, the US is the worst-hit country by the pandemic. As of today, the United States coronavirus confirmed cases reached 1.16 million and more than 95,087 deaths have been reported. While Pakistan reported more than 48,091 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,017 deaths.

The US-Aid helped Pakistan in many ways and Pakistan aided the United States of America’s in the war on terror more than any country of the world. Pakistan endured 70,000 casualties and more the $100 billion financially losses during the fight against the war on terror.

Pakistan helped the United States during the cold war as well. Without Pakistan’s support, defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was an impossible task. Though Pakistan-US relations have seen many ups and downs however at present both the countries are enjoying cordial relations.

Very recently, Pakistan facilitated talks between the Afghan-Taliban and the United States of America’s which materialized inform of a peace deal between the US and the Afghan-Taliban.

Donating Masks to the US