Study Abroad of international students

Amid Lockdown Owing to COVID-19, Int’l Students are Adamant to Study Abroad

NEWS of Pakistan, Pakistani Writers Corner

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, international students are determined to continue their study aboard plans, a recent survey shows. More than half of the students said they would prefer face-to-face learning instead of online and will to defer their study plans for up to 12 months. 

As per the survey conducted by international education specialists at IDP Connect – the B2B division of IDP Education, international students are adamant to pursue their higher education abroad amid the global health crises.

Some 6,900 students took part in the survey, mostly from India, China, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries, who planned to embark on their higher studies in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States. Out of the 6,900 students surveyed, 69% of students with admission offers from different universities are determined to embark on their higher studies abroad as planned. Only 5% of students are no longer willing to continue their higher studies abroad.

Students’ views on commencement dates and online vs face-to-face education were the main focus of the survey. According to the survey, the majority of the students answered that they would prefer to defer their semesters until they can physically travel to the host country.

With regards to online and face-to-face classes delivery, the majority of the students said that they would prefer face-to-face education because of the international exposure majority were hoping to gain.

The result of the survey is very reassuring for the education sector of these countries which contributes to their economies hugely. The western educational provider countries generate billions of dollars from foreign students and immigration each year.

The immigration sector not only provides jobs but brings a skilled workforce to the host countries. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) foreign students doubled in number from 1999 to 2013 in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

In 2000, 2 million foreign students chose to embark on their studies abroad, however, in 2017, the numbers reached 5.3 million.

Andrew Barkla, the CEO of IDP Education, noted in a press release that majority of students did not give up on their study abroad dreams. Mr. Barkla added “Given the unprecedented challenges the global community is facing, it is encouraging to know the vast majority of students surveyed state their perception of their study destination had not changed and they were holding on to their international education plans,”

Simon Emmett, CEO of the IDP Connect, noted that “Thirty-one percent of respondents stated they would be willing to start their course online and move to face-to-face learning at a later date, but by far the greatest preference was to defer to January 2021 if this meant face-to-face learning would be possible.” According to the survey, 54% of the students willing to defer their semester up to 12 months before looking for other options.