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Three dreams for Pakistan : Its my Story from Azerbaijan to visit Pakistan

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I am Irada Gadirova from Baku, Azerbaijan and I had three dreams for Pakistan , a country must to visit.

‘I dont remember when exactly began to dream about Pakistan . I am historian and the history of sub-continent always was and is very interesting to me. I searched and read a lot. But one day in bookstore I found the book ‘Three cup of tea’ about stories happened in Hunza valley of northern Pakistan. May be it was that moment when I said to myself: ‘Pakistan should be happen’.

It is about the 3 years I am planning to come a land I dreamed many time but every year, there is an issue. First year I couldn’t come because they said ’embassy of Pakistan in Baku doesn’t give touristic visa. It should be only business trip or by an invitation’. I haven’t any friend or business person there who can be invite me. The second year I couldn’t come again – the problem of visa repeats again for me. After it I began to find friends from Pakistan and to explore this beautiful country through its people.

After all, last year I learned that coming to Pakistan for Azerbaijani citizens has become very easy now due to the new Imran khan’s on arrival visa policy for Azerbaijanian citizens. It was unbelievable moment for me and happiness that I can’t explain with words. And that moment I planned again and my trail began to ready.

‘Why Pakistan?’

Everyone was asking from me so I give them some reasons as a historian I find, why I should go to Pakistan? and i told them that I had three dreams for Pakistan .

  1. Current Pakistan is the place of ancient & historical of three great civilizations i.e. MohenjoDaro, Harappa and Ghandara civilizations (Listed among the top 10 civilization of the ancient world)
  2. If anyone hearted about the heartbeat city of Sufism in the world, its Multan in the center of Pakistan.
  3. Pakistan is the home of a very magical and dreamy land, Gilgit-Baltistan because of Hunza valley, Swat & Chitral valleys and their great amazing traditions and a unique culture. I can bring more arguments about these valleys but first argument is Lahore city.
  4. During my historical education and searching all history and culture of Mughal empire, I knew that without Lahore it will never be impossible to learn whole Mughal history. Lahore should be in my top list to visit.

You know, I have this feeling like when you fall in love with a city even hear its name firstly? Which is Lahore Lahore aey.

But I never imagined that one day I will go to see Pakistan and its most fascinating Badshahi Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque in my dreams. Last dream i saw on 21th February 2020, on Jumah morning. It was 3rd time I seen Badshahi Mosque of Lahore, Pakistan that I am walking in it and I felt on morning that Lahore is calling me for a time I can’t wait anymore.

And I am just counting my days when I will get my chance to visit the Pakistan and Lahore and its awesome culture. Insha’Allah this year, I should visit the Pakistan because I want to re-born after visiting Pakistan especially Lahore.


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